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Brand New Kitchens

As a team, we promise to work with you and your home from the start to help you create a new kitchen design and layout that you will continue to love for years to come, and a kitchen layout that will add value to your home and enhance your lifestyle. Our New Kitchen renovation service is a service from start to finish that involves;
Helping plan the kitchen layout, maximising the entire kitchen space, designing the kitchen with your desired products and colours, assisting with appliance and hardware choices, guaranteeing that we deliver the kitchen of your dreams.
We will also take the pressure off you by organising other trades including plumbers, electricians and gyprockers to work in with the renovation.

Kitchen Facelifts

Whether you are revamping your kitchen on a tight budget to add value before putting it on the market, or you are simply looking to upgrade your design. A kitchen facelift is a popular service that Elliott Kitchens offers. We help by making the most of what you currently have it your kitchen. Whether if you want to simply change the current cupboard doors or benchtop, or maybe you would like to add additional cupboards to your exciting kitchen, a kitchen facelift is an affordable renovation service that adds value to your home.

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Laundry Renovations

Are you ready to renovate your Laundry? We can help you create a Laundry design that is functional, well equipped and organised.
No matter how big or small your laundry is, or whether you want a fresh modern laundry or you are ideally seeking a luxe design, when planning out a laundry renovation, you need to think practical. How can you make the most of a small space? If you have a family with children you will know how hard it can be to keep on top of the washing demand and just how much time you spend going in this room in your home. Keeping that in mind, we would like to design with you a layout that is going to be practical for you. Including accommodating space for the appliances you require, ensuring you have plenty of laundry bench space for those overflowing baskets, and other laundry essentials that you may have.

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Laminate benchtops
Are you planning a kitchen or laundry renovation? Laminate bench tops are becoming a popular trend, as they are offered in a wide range of colours and designs. An inexpensive finish product that is made to suit any budget. With hundreds of colour available, and modern designs, laminate benchtops are a popular choice for kitchen and laundry renovations. Laminate benches have proven to be economical and versatile, now designed with the option to mimic stone finishes, laminate benchtops are able to give you a modern luxe look for an affordable price. Laminate benchtops are now available in timber effects, stone and marble designs.
Laminate benchtops are durable and easy to clean, they are also lightweight.

Caesar Stone Benchtops
Caesar Stone offer a range of stylish quartz surfaces which are ideal for kitchen and laundry renovations. They can be used as benchtops, splashbacks and features as wall panels. Caesar stone offer a wide range of colours, patters and designs. All of these features in addition with the durability and minimal maintenance characteristics make Caesar Stone

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Custom Joinery

Elliott kitchens also specialise in creating a complete range of custom joinery, including entertainment units and wall cupboards. We are able to help you design and create a custom made piece, that will suit you and your home.

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